3 Amigos

House voted today to deny all federal funds for ACORN.

The only members of the Texas delegation to cast “no” votes to defund ACORN today were Rep. Al Green, D-Houston, Rep. Shelia Jackson-Lee D-Houston and Rep Eddie Bernice Johnson, D-Dallas.

Being from Texas, I take special umbrage at having 3 special needs Represetatives.  In fact, we have them year, after year, after year.  Just like a bad penny they keep showing up and getting re-elected.  

With the behaviors of Jackson-Lee at her townhall, including fake questions however, this might be the year we divest ourselves of this diva.  With ACORN as toxic as it is these days, it is political suicide to vote to keep funding them.  In other words, you just keep doing what you are baby.

EB Johnson is no better.  She is in with the “in-crowd.”   Calling opposition to Obama “racist” and such has endeared her to the left.   She voted to sweep the taxpayer scandal that is ACORN under the rug.  This gal is also a diva.  She also supports Charlie Rangel.  With EBJ, you have to connect the dots.  Again, keep on keepin’ on sugar. {BTW, she had no town hall in August).

Al Green.  There’s a guy that keeps on trucking, no matter the allegation, toxic story, the weirdthings he does.  Dude’s an Energizer Bunny, I tell you!  (BTW, bupkis on the townhall.)

Maybe the ACORN scandal is a blessing, albeit and expensive one.  Should the president not disavow ACORN (and I’m not holding my breath) irreparable harm will be done.  That is a good thing.  In the case of the 3 Amigos, I think this vote very likely will be the impetus to usher them out of office.

Silver lining anyone?