Why ACORN's Deceptions Matter

ACORN is in trouble again.  In several states they are under investigation for voter fraud.   Some 30+ ACORN officials have been convicted of fraud.  After 3 video taped interviews of Acorn workers were release trying to show prospective home buyers how to skirt the law, 4 workers have been fired – two in Baltimore and two in Washington.

According to USASpending.gov, a federal government Web site for tracking government grants, ACORN Housing Corporation received $1.6 million to provide housing services to low-income communities in this fiscal year, ending Sept. 30. The Department of Housing and Urban Development Grants has given $8.2 million to ACORN between 2003 and 2006, as well as $1.6 million to ACORN affiliates.

This year alone ACORN received  $5.23 billion  BILLION!!! in stimulus money.  That is money you and I are paying for them to commit voter fraud, skirt the law, and who knows what else.  This is the group that was to conduct the 2010 census…until that tie was severed last week. 

And that is just the tip of the iceberg.   ACORN had it’s part in the sub-prime meltdown by forcing banking institutions to provide low percentage loans to low income families….though recent revelations throw the “family” status into question.

From a 1999 document, “To Each Their Home: Success Stories from the ACORN Housing Corporation,” the ACORN affiliate called the American Dream a sham and bragged about undermining banks’ underwriting standards. . . .
ACORN Housing took credit for developing “several innovative strategies” to get around pesky traditional lending guidelines, which were unfair because they “were geared to middle class borrowers.”
Instead of using passe measures of creditworthiness such as, say, credit history and having an adequate income, ACORN convinced lenders to adopt “more flexible underwriting criteria that take into account the realities of lower income communities.” Henceforth, some banks serving inner cities would accept “less traditional income sources such as food stamps.” 

Why does this all matter?  Because as a matter of record, our President, a student of socialist Saul Alinsky, cut his teeth on the same ACORN-like movement.  He not only brought them into the White House,  but to this day condones their behavior by ignoring it.   He knows their tactics, he knows their goals.  In fact, he is quite cozy with ACORN due to his yearly training of ACORN members

ACORN’s overall strategy has a name. It’s called the “Cloward-Piven Strategy” (named after two anti-capitalist sociologists) and it calls for packing the welfare rolls to encourage dependency on the government and to overload it with financial demands in order to hasten the collapse of American capitalism.   Couple that with our current administration quest for social justice and distribution of wealth and you have calamity in America, orchestrated by those who do not let a crisis go to waste.   See how that comes full circle?


Next up:  ACORN’s ties to SEIU thugs and Chicago style politics.