Community Organizers Deserve Respect

I was appalled by all of the jabs at community organizers during both Sarah Palin’s and Rudy Giuliani’s speeches at the RNC. In the small government that we are dreaming of, non-profits and non-governmental organizations (a.k.a. community organizations) bear the burden of social service for the country. The government’s role may not be to feed the hungry, care for the sick, advocate for the underserved, and keep inner-city kids off the street, but are those not vital components of civilization? If the government is unwilling to undertake those responsibilities, community organizers will. That is what they do, and they are necessary in order to have a society that functions with a small government. We should be praising community organizers and not belittling them.

Since when did Christian values boil down to one’s stance on abortion? What about Christian love? Reverence for life encompasses more than unwanted pregnancy. It encompasses a respect for the lives and struggles of our neighbors, from our celebrated soldiers to the the drug addicts whose lifestyle choices we do not understand. Christian love is selfless and comes without judgment. Why put down community organizers? They are the fabric of civilized society and represent Christian values in action. What have you done to help others lately?