I have tried most of the morning to leave my comment at the NPR, but every time I get a message, that they are working on the sight, or the sight can not be found after I typed my message.

Basically I do not agree with Juan Williams, but he is an American.  The America I was born in and grew up in was known as the HOME OF THE FREE AND THE BRAVE.  You could voice your opinion and feelings without being fired, or called any names.

I really would liked to know what country NPR gives their loyalty to the US or Muslims countries?  When did we turn into China, or Iran, or Venezuela? 

Does NPR think they must please a foreign group CAIR?  Why?  This is THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.
at least it use to be.

Besides why should we open our arms to Muslim?  We did that once, then 911 cost us over 3000 lives and countless one in the war against Muslim Extremist.  To date, I have not hear any of the moderate Muslims openly condemn the extremist that attacked the US on 911.  Have any of you?

NPR might want to re-think their firing of Mr. Williams.  I would hope they would want an American over any foreign Muslim group.