Unequal Time

The news media practice of providing equal news time to Presidential candidates is assumed as still in practice by many voters.  While many news organizations might still provide equal time – the impressions left on viewers, after viewing each candidate’s news coverage, are very different and are more truthfully labeled as: Unequal Time.

By using a vast array of manipulative media techniques, skilled partisans within the news media can project the illusion of equal treatment while injecting fear, doubt, and negatives for the candidate they don’t support, and persuasive support for the candidate they do support.  60 years of manipulative media tactics has refined the stage craft and theatrical skill of partisans within the news media posing as impartial journalists.  Now more than ever, the average semi-informed voter is at risk of falling for these deceptive tactics.

Accusations of unequal treatment and bias within the news and entertainment media have been made for decades, but are largely ignored by vast numbers of semi-informed voters.  This fact is very hard for the politically informed to understand – bias news is so obvious for us to recognize – everyday.

I discovered why accusations of media bias have had no effect on those voters.  The reason is so simple it has been overlooked by political consultants for years – your average daytime TV voter simply can not identify media bias when they see it, and they have been skillfully conditioned to shut down and not listen to any frustrated partisan complaints.  All we have to do to end the power of the manipulative media is simply, calmly, and in a non-partisan way, describe the actual manipulative media techniques that are used to persuade voters.

I have identified 12 of the most seen manipulative media techniques that persuade voters and presented them in a non-partisan handbook. It is available for free on Amazon to Prime Kindle members, its titled: Media Proof Your Vote Handbook.  It is designed to be read, by almost anyone, in an evening.

Imagine ending the power of news media that persuaded so many in 2008 – I did.  Share how to recognize the following media tactics: The Phony Fact Check, Headline Math, The Sympathy Sandwich (news story template), Bias by a Thousand Tiny Cuts, Mock, Accuse, and Dismiss (MAD Tactics), and more.

We can’t stop the free press from manipulating voters, but we can teach voters how to recognize deceptive media techniques. One more thing – the most important part of all this: Many of these ill-informed voters are good and honest people, and when they realize how they have been deliberately manipulated for years – there will be viewing consequences.