McCain's VP Pick

I am so proud of Senator McCain and his campaign. Every one is looking for change, but are they just buying into empty words. Senator Obama does not stand for anything except a bunch of empty words. I Support Senator John McCain because he knows what he believes in and is not afraid to say it. To be the President I believe you must have backbone. I was not familiar with Gov Sarah Palin until today, and I was very touched that he picked a woman and then when I heard of her accomplishments, who she is and what she is about I was sure he had made the right decision. I had watched Hilary Clinton’s speech the other night I enjoyed the video before her speech it was such a statement for women very positive and it was historical and I even was touched when her daughter introduced her, but her speech was not appealing. I do not believe in anything she believes in. With all that said, with Gov Sarah Palin, someone with morals and not afraid to fight for what she believes in I believe that the women voters that were undecided are no longer and will join the McCain/Palin team. May God bless Our Country!