The GOP would rather be "dying" than have an Outsider candidate win and hold them accountable

The problem I see with the entire “GOP is dying” statement is that it is not exactly accurate.  As Erick said “The Republican Party is dying because the GOP in DC has gone corporate and K Street”. But, as Michael Needam CEO of Heritage Action for Ameriaca put it on Fox News Sunday yesterday “One of the greatest myths is that Washington  D.C. is broken; it is not.  It is a fine tuned machine that works for incumbent politicians and their consultants and K street lobbyists that get rich off the game.”  So, what does it mean when Erick says they are “dying”?   Losing Elections?  That they will wake up, and want to embrace the base because they are losing?  No, it doesn’t mean that, it’s actually worse than that.  It means they would rather LOSE and keep their Washington Cartel game going with Corporate and K street because at least they can still play the game. When their “game” is actually threatened, they attack the threat directly.  The Tea Party was a threat because the Tea Party was insisting that they actually represent the of the will of the people who elected them, instead of those that give them the biggest donations and  lucrative lobbyist jobs.  They would rather win, of course, but they would rather LOSE than give up their seat on the gravy train. Do they attack Obama’s agenda with even a fraction of the energy they expend to fight Conservatives? If we had elected them to support Obama’s agenda, would the result be any different that what we have now?   The GOP doesn’t fight Obama  because Obama doesn’t threaten to take them out of the “Washington Cartel”, but Conservatives do.   On the Rush show today Rush said the GOP establishment is getting ready to attack Trump with Super PACs that are not affiliated with any candidate.  Apparently, they feel he is a real “threat”to them as the current front runner.  Who’s next, Carson?  Cruz? Again, they would rather lose than have an outsiders win that would change their little game, but that doesn’t mean they are “dying”.  It means they are willing to settle for being in the permanent minority party if that means they still keep their membership card in the Washington Cartel.   There is no new “Conservative Party” that is going to rise from the ashes of the GOP.   It is going to have to be a hostile takeover of the GOP, which means we’ve got a real fight on our hands.   


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