Trump still leads; is a Trump/ Cruz ticket in the works?

Trump, whatever you think about him, you have to give it to him that he is really good at making big deals.   Someone that is in deal making is always thinking about winning the deal; what do they need to do to win?  How can I structure the deal to beat the competition?  Business is very competitive, and it requires a certain mind set that is always thinks in terms of winning.  So, look at the landscape of the Primaries and the General in terms of a deal.  Conservatives usually split the vote among several candidates allowing the GOP establishment candidate to get selected.  This year, the GOP has changed things so that this process favors them even more so than in the past.  We also know the single biggest objection from Conservatives to Trump is that “Trump isn’t a true Conservative”.  We know too that Romney, the last establishment candidate, won over Independents, but lost 4 million Republican votes presumably Conservative voters, in the General Election which was enough to cost us the victory.  Without overcoming the first two items Trump cannot win the Primaries, and without the Conservative vote, he would lose the General even if he somehow managed to win the Primary.  What would be the single thing Trump could do that would solve each of these roadblocks and open a path to victory?  What would unite the Conservative base in support behind Trump in both the Primaries and General, while at the same time knock Bush out of the primaries along with all the others?  It’s really simple if you think about it like that; it’s just one chess move away.  Simply, Trump could unite with Cruz and once that happens, they could take everyone else out of the game.  Conservatives unite, and unite early, the Establishment candidates and everyone else gets smoked and Trump/Cruz arrive at this position with one huge war chest.  It’s just one chess move away.   Can’t happen?  Well, look at this from the Dallas News: it may have already begun.                 http://trailblazersblog.dallasnews.com/2015/08/ted-cruz-and-donald-trump-might-campaign-together.html/
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