Does Pelosi have Incandescent Bulbs in Her Bathroom?

This US citizen really wants to know the answer to the above question. I just happen to be in first hand position to be able to report on the effects of this ban, as well provide links for further reading below.)Here’s my first impression of flourescent bulbs from personal experience. My wife and oldest daughter hate them. I hate them because I can’t find the ones we need with the hotel type screw in pin type bulbs (about 3-4mm diameter). The ones we have in the nearby store have the screw in types for incandescent bulbs but not the ones needed for our house. We did find them down the road for about $10 a piece, though if you get the regular screw in types, those are much less expensive and reasonable.
Another related IBDeditorial reports that there is 5 milligrams of mercury, a broken bulb has cost $2000 for cleanup in the linked incident linked below.My wife hates them because 1) we are being told to use them 2)they are harsh on the eyes 3) the women in my household will only use incandescent bulbs for makeup, flourescent bulbs are not normal daylight perceptions when they apply makeup, 4) some kids seem to react to the flourescent bulb wave lengths in that they have a hard time calming down, if you have ADD kids then you will really have wild kids, no thanks to these flourescent bulbs. 5) I can’t stand them cause I can’t change the wattage and the wattage that is there is low and costs $10, yes I’m beating that horse until it dies, and drives me crazy.

What’s the point? Abolish the light bulb ban. The women in your life will thank you and I dare say the country will thank you, ’cause if the women in your life aint happy then no one is happy. Got it? good, make it a point in a new Contract for America and a building block to kill Waxman’s uber environmentalist agenda. Is there room for a bipartisan solution other than a ban on the ban of incandescent bulbs?Trivia for today for global warming deniers and kool aid drinkers from first hand observation in GA- cooler today in Georgia than it is is Rapid City, SD on November 22, 2008. GA hit freezing temps twice in the last two weeks.

http://www.ibdeditorials.com/IBDArticles.aspx?id=283132766181087&kw=incandescent%20bulb.http://www.ibdeditorials.com/IBDArticles.aspx?id=283132766181087&kw=incandescent bulb