Why Palin? Energy-

Reform of GOP in Alaska, check.Work with Oil Companies, check.No international experience, er building a multi Billion USD pipeline through Alaska and Canada.
International experience and enhancing oil supplies to the USA, check. Where have Biden or Obama delivered on an anti inflationary policy regarding energy or food? Their big Corn allies, Daschle, Thune, et al. That would have been a good place for Obama to depart from GW on energy policy. But seriously, how will Obama, Biden or any Democrat contribute to anti inflationary policies like Palin will?

The same editorial that IBDeditorials publishes an interview of Palin, IBDeditorials contrasted the Senate majority leader’s speech from Denver in which he states that “The promise of more Oil is part of the problem.” Hello, Earth to Pluto and the Democratic leadership, when will Congress lift its ban on drilling? If the polls are correct, then these Democratic leaders have seen their last few months in office.

Congrats to John McCain on selecting a conservative and pro oil person for VP.
Don’t hold your punches for the anti oil, Big Corn crowd. Don’t let the Barracuda, er girl do all the dirty work either;).


I refuse to hope or change.