15,000 Pledges for Unborn Babies

One week ago today, the SBA List launched its Pro-Life Presidential Leadership Pledge at the Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans.

So far, five presidential candidates have taken the pledge: Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, Michele Bachmann, Ron Paul, and Tim Pawlenty.

Two candidates declined to sign the pledge: Mitt Romney and Herman Cain. While it’s been reported that Jon Huntsman doesn’t sign pledges, we’re giving him until next Wednesday until we count him as an official ‘no.’

While these facts have been widely reported, little has been written about the Citizen’s Pledge, which so far has attracted nearly 10,000 signatures.

I’m asking RedState readers to help us get to 15,000 signatures today.

Here’s why it’s so important.

By signing the Citizen’s Pledge, one pledges to “only support candidates for President who are committed to protecting Life.” What does that mean? Only supporting presidential candidates who have taken the pledge.

The Citizen’s Pledge is our leverage. It is how we’ll reach our goal of getting every single Republican candidate to sign.

Take the pledge for unborn children to help us reach 15,000 voices for the voiceless.

This is about saving unborn babies. Human lives are at stake. With 4,000 lives lost each day to abortion (and that many women wounded), lip service is not enough – we need concrete action, especially after all the damage inflicted upon unborn children by the most pro-abortion president in history, Barack Obama.

Join the Fight for Life today. Sign the Pledge.