Good to know Bush was a victim of bad luck

President Obama now thinks the country and his presidency is a victim of bad luck. The middle east uprisings, Japanese Tsunami, and debt ceiling crisis.  If not for these three pieces of bad luck, the economy would be humming along with 5% growth and unemployment would be under 6%. Those are what you call the proverbial strawman statistics. This administration has taken these strawman statistics to a new art form. We saved 2 million jobs, unemployment would have been over 10%, the economy would be better if not for some bad luck. All of these are impossible to disprove and allows bureaucrats plenty of wiggle room when the news goes bad.

It is interesting they don’t apply the same logic to George Bush. We have several events that make this present administration’s bad luck seem downright lucky. Let’s start with something that is only known by its date-09/11. Let’s add something also known by one name-Katrina. Finally, just for fun let’s add the meltdown of the housing market just for dessert. I would say without those bad luck items George Bush would be the greatest president since Lincoln.

Great leaders lead. Crappy leaders blame, make excuses, and stand for things that are impossible to prove or disprove. There are 2 options for Barack Obama when dealing with these “bad luck” items. Either we were so ill-prepared or distracted to not properly be ready for these things or we were prepared and the government reacted very poorly. Either way, this looks  incredibly weak to the country and the rest of the world.

I give this advice to the President. Cowboy up partner! There is always “bad luck” out there in the world. It’s not that bad things happen in the first place but it’s how the President deals with these things that makes a great leader.