Obama administration wants to start a Department of "Jobs"????

You can’t make this stuff up. Really, a Department of Jobs is what this administration’s answer is to the unemployment crisis. According to Jay Carney, all we need to do is extend unemployment benefits and it will create a million jobs. Why stop there? I say let’s extend the unemployment benefits by twice as long and double them. Hopefully, that’ll create 4 million jobs. This administration is clueless about how to create jobs.  I have an idea. Open up oil drilling along the gulf coast and in Alaska. That’ll create some 50,000 new high-paying jobs.

The way to create jobs is to remove government intervention, obstruction, and downright stupid bureaucracy that hinders job growth.  The only jobs a Department of Jobs would create are more government workers.  This President needs to be hiring some credible business people who know what it’s like to run a business. Obama doesn’t need the present crony capitalism picks like the CEO of GE to give him business  advice. All those CEOs want to do is put up more barriers of entry to their competition. We all lose in that proposition through higher prices and less inovation. 

This administration better start helping people get the right opportunities in the free market or they’ll need this new departement’s help after November 2012.

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