Obama and company waiting for an October 2012 suprise.

       I know logic is not a term that can ever be associated with liberals.   However, can they possibly be any more destructive to the economy than they have been in the last 2 years? There has to be an explanation for this deliberate job killing agenda. They’ve destroyed thousands of high paying offshore oil jobs. They’re holding up the construction of a Canadian pipeline that is costing jobs and property tax revenues. Companies(G.E.) are ramping up their offshoring of jobs. Which brings me back to my premise. I think it’s hgihly likely this administration is tanking the economy and job growth until the quarter leading up to the 2012 elections. Then in an amazing bi-partisan display, the administration will try some of the following things: drop the taxes on foreign earnings for companies to re-patriate those funds for growth, drop the FICA payroll tax for employers and employees for a year, allow more accelaration of depreciation for capital spending and research. The beauty of this scenario is that the Republicans cannot opppose thees tax lowering measures and they might just jump start enought of the economy to get us back to where we started in 2008. The Democrats will come riding in on a white horse saying, ” look what we did for ya, America and we were bi-partisan”. Furthermore, after the darkness we’ve been in for the last 3 years, those results we look gigantic to America and the corporate world.

     The only problem with this is people are hurting now and not all the rounds of golf and 10 day vacations in the world will make the suffering go away. I say to my fellow suffering Americans hold on, help will be on its way in 6 months or so. And to the rest of America, don’t fall for this gambit. These people threw us down a hole and want to bring us up halfway and have us thank them for it. I say Phewy! you should have looked out for us all along.