Carney needs to go to an Economics class.

Does Jay Carney, Whitehouse spokesperson, really think extending unemployment benefits will create 1 million jobs? He sure belittled a Wall Street Journal reporter asking a question about how that could happen. The condescenion of Carney’s attitude about demand side spending really opens a window into the progressives’  backwards thinking. I still don’t know if the libs really believe the stuff they shovel to us or they know it’s all BS and think we’re stupid. Either way, the situation is telling as to why they don’t have a clue how to pull this economy out of the ditch. Someone needs to sit them down like kindergarten students and bring some charts with crayolas and draw them the picture how unemployment insurance is a business expense and eventually the employers will have to fund more benefits through higher payroll taxes. What happens next is very easy to predict. Not only will business not hire anyone else but they start cutting staff. That’s CUTTING not creating jobs. I know they think those benefits trickle back to businesses but those benefits are going to pay rent and the electric bill. Those funds aren’t helping small businesses, they are being paid by those people.

Jay Carney should have been called out on that idiotic statement. Maybe he needs to start collecting unemployment benefits.