Fred Upton is John Boehner's choice for spending cuts????

How in the world can John Boehner put Fred Upton on any committee that cuts spending. That’s like putting Charlie Sheen on a drug use committee. Both have addictions that neither wants to admit. Upton is the classic “Compassionate Conservative”. Only he, like other statists loves to be compassionate with taxpayer money.  He has voted to not cap farm subsidies, voted for extended unemployment benefits four times, voted against ending milk subsidies,  cutting sugar subsidies, cutting NEA spending, and cutting AMTRAK spending. This is only a few of the more agregious examples of this spendaholic’s tendencies. On top of this, Upton also is responsible for the hideous light bulb ban going into partial affect in 2012. With Republicans like this on the “super committee” who needs Democrats to help not cut spending. Thanks Mr. Speaker of the House for proving once again that Republican upper leadership is not serious about cutting spending.