When Richard Nixon went on tv to defend himself against accusations of fraud by talking about Pat’s “Republican cloth coat” and “Checkers,” George Washington rolled over in his grave. 

When Jimmy Carter spoke of “lusting in his heart” over women who were not Mrs. Carter, John Adams buried his face in his hands.

When Bill Clinton  answered a question over whether he wore boxers or briefs, Andrew Jackson died a little inside.

This is up there in what I consider beneath the dignity of the president:
Since I should not be confronted with this garbage when I check baseball scores, some new rules:
1. Presidents are not allowed to make dates a campaign promise.  The same rule applies to buying dogs for children.
2. If the president does end up making that kind of promise, presidents are not allowed to announce dates to the press. 
3. Date night, like going to get burger, is not allowed to be a media event. 
4. If the president does end up going on a date with his wife and cannot avoid press coverage, the president is not allowed to try to control the news story by instructing his press secretary to push a narrative to reporters assigned to cover the event over the significance of the date. 
People who are dating and are married are expected to go out together just for the hell of it.  The press is not allowed to ask nor is the president allowed to explain why he is taking his wife anywhere.  The press should infer that when the president enjoys spending time with his wife, that’s why they got married.  They do things each would find enjoyable.  No narrative, no storyline.  End of story.
5. The president should not feel compelled to display to the public that he and his wife have an affectionate and loving relationship.  Nor should the president make a photo-op out of lunch. Real people don’t behave that way.  The American public should punish the president for being a tool.
6. The media is not allowed to encourage the president to behave like a tool and use his family as a prop by covering this nonsense.

Then again, I suppose when Barack Obama actually keeps a campaign promise, it should be frontpage news, so maybe I am looking at this from the wrong perspective.