Can Obama lose popular vote, yet win Electoral College?

Dems are positively giddy about the prospect of winning a squeaker in the Electoral College, whilst losing the actual popular vote. Posters on Kos were discussing this as “revenge” for the 2000 Electoral College outcome.

The most recent “poll of polls” shows McCain up bu a point or two in the general election. However, RCP shows that were the election held today, Obama would secure a 273-265 EC victory. The reason for this may be that McCain’s red/southern states became redder after the Palin selection, while the swing states barely moved.

This scenario assumes Obama snatches Colorado, which could become this year’s Florida.

It is also conceivable that Obama could lose the popular vote yet secure an electoral college tie, 269-269, throwing the election into the House, where he’d surely prevail.Developing…

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