Who is Advising John McCain????

REFORM…PROSPERITY…PEACEWhat has happened to the lead McCain-Palin had after her announcement as VP? Where is John McCain getting his advice? This election was his to lose a few weeks ago and he has veered so far off track, he is losing voters. No one will be more disappointed than I if he loses and let me tell you why. He, or someone who is advising him, has lost the point of his superiority. Read the top banner of his website — “Reform, prosperity, peace.” That’s what people believed. Address the issues, Senator, and ignore the bad advice you’re getting from your advisors. People are scared. Talk about how you don’t address the only middle class because you believe that America is for ALL classes. Talk about the economy and inspire people to believe that it is your priority to make their lives better — that the American dream is alive and well in your heart and will be a driving force in your administration. Speak about how the bailout how the bailout may have been inevitable to show up the economy, but it will never happen again on your watch. And what about a bailout for the unemployed Americans who don’t have retirement plans or stock portfolios or mutual funds? The emergency unemployment insurance extension is about to expire. Talk about taking the lead in extending it again for those who don’t have jobs. Obama claims to care about the middle class…be the first to move the legislature to bailout the unemployed for a bit longer instead of just the Wall Street honchos! Talk about your courage and bravery and how making the tough decisions won’t be hard for you. Talk about the fact that there hasn’t been a terrorist attack on this land since 2001 and under your leadership and plans for increased national security, there never will be again. Talk about the baby boomers and their fears of retirement and how you’ll take care of them. And talk about peace and how that is a priority of yours…peace in America and around the world for all people…the underfed, the under protected, the underrepresented and the forgotten here and abroad. Please get back to the issues and forget Bill Ayers and the 1960s. You can make up the 10 point lead by inspiring people with your ideas, your experience, your record, your commitment to public service. Get going, please, and ignore the very bad advice your campaign people are giving you. We believe in you and Palin — now make others believe too! I want the future of this country in your hands — my financial security, my safety, my health benefits and my future…not Barak Obama’s with 443 days of experience in the Senate. It takes more than oratory to lead this country. It takes courage and ideas and access to the smartest minds in this country. So please go back to being the John McCain that the country was excited about only weeks ago and stop listening to those who believe that negativity will work. We’re all, Democrats and Republicans alike, sick of it and scared. Inspire us, excite us, comfort us, convince us that you will take care of ALL of us and keep us safe and well for the next eight years. To win with integrity is the best win of all.