A Brief Overview of the Scope of Islam

Many Americans, especially those on the left who are just casual observers, think that the scope of Islam is just like Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, etc. It is how you perceive your god and relate to him. However, Islam’s scope is much broader.
From the 1976 edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica, Vol. 9 page 912 top right, “During this early period [622 A.D.] Islam acquired its characteristic ethos as a religion UNITING IN ITSELF BOTH the SPIRITUAL and TEMPORAL aspects of life and SEEKING TO REGULATE not only the individuals relationship with god (through his conscious) but HUMAN RELATIONSHIPS in a social setting as well. Thus there is not only Islamic religious institutions but also an Islamic law, state, and other INSTITUTIONS GOVERNING SOCIETY.” Vol. 9 page 938 left side, “TOTAL AND UNQUALIFIED SUBMISSION TO THE WILL OF ALLAH (god) IS THE FUNDAMENTAL TENANT OF ISLAM: ISLAMIC LAW IS THEREFORE THE EXPRESSION OF ALLAH’S COMMAND FOR MUSLM SOCIETY. … In the first place, the scope of the Sharia [Islamic Law] is much wider since it regulates man’s relationship not only with his neighbors, and with the state, which is the limit of most other legal systems, but also with his god and his own conscious. … The second major distinction between the Sharia and Western legal systems is the result of the Islamic concept of LAW AS THE EXPRESION OF THE DIVINE WILL. … Unlike secular legal systems that grow out of society, and change with the changing circumstances of society, Sharia Law was IMPOSED UPON SOCIETY from above. In Islamic jurisprudence, IT IS NOT SOCIETY THAT MOLDS AND FASHIONS THE LAW, BUT THE LAW THAT PRECEDES AND CONTROLS SOCIETY.” [Emphasis mine.] As stated above, this was written in 1976 well before the current conflict so it cannot be accused of being influenced by it.
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