Transgender, Transracial, Identification or Misidentification?

Last year we witnessed the case of a Caucasian woman who “identifies” as a “Transracial” African-American. Currently, we are witnessing controversy and protest of laws in North Carolina and other states regarding the use of restrooms, locker rooms, and showers by people who “identify” as the opposite sex. All of this has resulted in much controversy; but, what is the root cause of this?

The idea of “identifying” has been carried too far, to an unrealistic, counter-factual level. A person can identify their sexuality because it is an internal trait. With sexuality, people are identifying what arouses them and to whom they are attracted. That is a truth. However, a person cannot truthfully “identify” as something that empirically, scientifically can be proven that they are not.

If a person’s DNA, chromosomes, skeleton, and yes, genitals say that a person is male, the fact is that person is male. The same goes for females. A person cannot logically say that they feel like the opposite sex in the wrong body because they have never been the opposite sex and therefore have no point of reference. A person who is male with xy chromosomes will never know what a menstrual period feels like or what a female orgasm feels like just like a person who is female with xx chromosomes will never know what it feels like to have a male orgasm. Now, a person can identify that they are more comfortable dressing, behaving, and appearing as the opposite sex. That is a truth; the falsehood is that because of this, they ARE the opposite sex.

Rachel Dolezal identifies as African-American, but it is scientifically provable that she is Caucasian. An anorexic person identifies as obese but she is actually emaciated. Her identification as obese is a misidentification that she believes, but never-the-less, is not true. The same is true for “Transracial” Rachel Dolezal and “transgender” people who identify as the opposite sex. You cannot truthfully identify as something you empirically, scientifically, provably, are not. It is a misidentification, even if it is to yourself.