200,000 Refugees to the U.S. or ISIS Infiltrators?

The Obama Administration just announced that it wants to admit 200,000 Syrian “refugees” into this country. These people found refuge from war when they reached Turkey. They are at best economic migrants at worst terrorists. Something is wrong with the make up of this group.

The vast majority of these people are fighting age men.This is not normal. Where are the women, children, and elderly? This was not the case when refugees fled Cuba. This was not the case with the Vietnamese boat people. This was not the case with the refugees fleeing the Yugoslav Wars. It is not the case now with Christians and Yazzidis fleeing into Kurdistan. In all of these other cases the refugees were made up of families, people of all ages and both sexes. That is not what we have here.

ISIS has openly said that they will blend in with refugees to infiltrate the West. A few months ago, an ISIS member on the Mediterranean Cost of Libya pointed across the sea and said, “Europe we are coming.” The Lebanese Education Minister recently warned British Prime Minister David Cameron that 2% of the refugees could be ISIS terrorists. The EU and especially Germany are foolishly ignoring this warning. Now, the Obama Administration wants to join in on this folly.

If the Lebanese Education Minister is right and 2% of these people are ISIS, that would mean that 4,000 of the people that the Obama Administration wants to let into the country are ISIS terrorist. If it is 5%, that is 10,000 ISIS terrorist! If it is as high as 10%, that would be 20,000 ISIS terrorist admitted into this country! Remember what just 9 terrorists did on 9/11/2001.

This is a major national security risk. Imagine what 10 or 20,000 ISIS fighters inside this country could do to the United States.

This is no game. This is not about compassion. It is about a major threat to the internal security of the United States and the safety of the American people. The United States fought two wars after 9/11 overseas to stop terrorists from coming here so we would not have to fight them on our soil. Now, we are just going to fly them in ourselves because we take them at their word that they are refugees???

The number one priority of government is the safety and security of the American people in our homeland. I am all for helping those who are really in need, but we must not accept a Trojan Horse. This is the first time in history that there is a threat of enemy combatants coming to our country disguised as refugees. The safety and security of the American people come first. If we descend into chaos due to thousands of ISIS fighters here, how will we be able to help anyone? Who will help us?

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