Donald Trump, Megyn Kelly, and Fox News

Donald Trump feels that he was victimized by Megyn Kelly at the Fox News Debate. Ms. Kelly asked Mr. Trump a question about his prior remarks about women. Mr. Trump apparently felt that the question was unfair so he verbally attacked Megyn Kelly.

Ms. Kelly’s question at the debate was not a softball question, but she was not ugly or disrespectful. It was just a tough question and Mr. Trump gave a good answer to it until he decided to make it personal with Megyn. He then followed that up, after the debate, by calling Megyn Kelly a bimbo and by saying that she had “blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever.” That was simply crude and rude. Mr. Trump should apologize for that remark. It is not a sign of weakness to admit it when one is wrong.

The venom being unleashed at Megyn Kelly and now other Republicans should be directed towards Hillary Clinton and the Democrats. There are dire issues facing this country and Megyn Kelly is not one of them. Mr. Trump is being victimized by his own comments, not by Megyn Kelly and Fox News.

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