Anti-ISIS War, A War to Defend Civilization

Many people on the left think that all wars are the Vietnam War just like their parents thought that all wars were World War II. They are wrong just as their parents were wrong.  Vietnam was not WWII.  The war against ISIS is not Vietnam. It’s not even the First or Second Iraq War. This current anti-ISIS war in Iraq and Syria is actually a War to Defend Civilization – not just Western Civilization, but Middle Eastern Civilization, Hindu Civilization, Asian Civilization, etc.  These people are slowly beheading children and requiring all girls/women from 0 – 49 to undergo genital mutilation.   ISIS has nothing to do with Sunni political parties that participate in the Iraqi parliament and government.  It is a totally different beast. If there is great evil and you have the ability to protect people from it and do nothing, the blood is on your hands too.  The proper name of this war is the War to Defend Civilization. #DefendCivilization They are at war with us even if we are not at war with them.
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