Come Together

I have always thought that Newt Gingrich would make a great president.   From the beginning I have believed that he is the best candidate to run against Obama.  However, the majority of primary voters have not agreed so far.

Romney’s smear machine has been successful in in its attacks on Newt but it has not been successful in delivering the conservative vote to Romney.   The combined Gingrich-Santorum vote eclipsed Romney almost everywhere.   The entire dynamic of the race would be different if the conservatives were united.

The point of no return is rapidly approaching.   If conservatives do not unite, the elites will get there way and Romney will be the nominee.   Gingrich and Santorum need to find a way to come together for a conservative victory.   Gingrich’s Big Solutions can only be implemented in the case of a conservative Republican victory.   Santorum can only win with a united conservative vote.  Negotiate a merger! Come together for victory and for our country!