Specter, Snow, Collins... We were sold out

Okay, okay, so we lost the vote on the “porkulus” bill.  President Obama signed it into law today, and we know have taken one large step towards a more European socialist economy. 

If this propaganda legislation was solely the responsiblity of the liberal democrats, I would be okay with that actually because when it fails it is all on them.  The problem, however, was three of our own sold us out.  Sen Arlen Specter (RINO-Penn), Olympia Snow (RINO-Maine), and Susan Collins (RINO-Maine) you are all now on the hook for this.  When your party said no, you said yes.  When America said no, you said yes.  So allow me to be the first to say thank you for your support of socialism and a cradle to the grave state.  Sen. Specter I am particulary interested to see if you waive your congressional health plan in favor of the Tom Daschle-influenced health plan.  Just make sure that your doctor deems you worthy to survive, or maybe your wife or children when they become deathly ill. 

I challenge each of you in these two states to vote for real “change.”  The problem in this country is once an elected official gets elected it is damn near impossible to get rid of them.  They get bought early, and serve the interest of the highest bidder.  It is our job as the electorate to investigate, question, and hold accountable our public representatives.

You know my liberal friends are always speaking about openess, transparency, and accountability.  When I point out the transgressions of the president, the are quick to say ” It is not his fault…He is trying to save the country…We owe him our confidence…”  Funny I wonder if the Bolsheviks said the same thing about Lenin?  Just remember they also killed him… I love irony.

It is time for Americans to stand up say “No!”  We have the most basic and beautiful right in the world , free speech.  If you disagree, say so.  We must stand up and not allow this country to be taken over by a political elite segment that does not represent we the people, does not think about the overall well being of their constituents only their meaningless political careers, and does not respect and honor our most sacred contract, the Constitution of the United States of America.  I have said it before and I will say it, when one party is in breach of contract in this country the other party is no longer held accountable to their responsibilities to the contract.

America this is our wake up call after two or three snooze buttons,  “Get up and say something about the future of your life, your children, your money, and most of all your country.”  I cannot say it any more clearly, tomorrow is today, and the time for half measures is over.