Day of Days

Today marks in my generation the first of many days.This is a day of days.  My parents and grandparents generation would recognize this term as the beginning of the second great war.  My generation will come to remember it as the first of many troubled days ahead with President Barack Obama at the helm.

My grandfather was a WWII veteran.  He served his country as do many of your sons, daughters, husbands, wives, brothers, and sisters.  He lived through a time not unlike our own.  There was a variable threat from both reaches of our country.  Powerful dictators were ruling the powerful nations bent on the destruction of democratic and free countries.  Yet his generation knew that victory was attainable.  This victory came not by the ink of the pen from powerful seats in our nation’s capital, but came from sacrifice and effort from our nation’s arguably greatest generation.  They felt a compelling notion to take ownership of their country’s future, and take with it a pride and reverence for what has been given to them. 

My generation in stark contrast, seems to believe that those things provided to us by our parents and forebearers were simply that, things granted and bestowed upon the deserving.  We have no pride of ownership and respect for the gifts that not only previous generations have granted us, but what almighty God himself has done for this great nation.  We now more than ever need to believe in the fact that entitlement is not a luxury we can afford anymore.

As a young conservative white male, as the libs would call me (ever notice how they always label you?), it is my duty to this country’s future to make a call to my peers.  GET UP OFF YOUR ASSES AND WORK!!!!  We need to hit the ground running.  It is on the sweat of the brows of my generation that this country will be restored to its rightful place of dignity and honor.  We need to stop relying on our neighbor and start relying on ourselves.  My dad told me once “the great thing about this country is you can be anything you want to be.”  Now my liberal teacher’s union instructors in grade school would have me believe that meant I was going to be president or an astronaut, but what is really means is that you only get out what you put in.  You have to earn everything you get in this life.

The funny thing is about our current situation, we are completely responsible for it.  We got fat and lazy.  We got soft.  We took the quick buck in the first part of the decade, and said who cares?  Then we get hit with 9/11, people trying to destroy our way of life, and we get information overload.  We basically woke up.  We realized that this fantasy that was our world was destroyed, and we could never get it back again.  In fact, the last eight years seem to have been an attempt to restore those times.  We have to realize that it took us nearly 20 years to get to that point.  We needed Reagan, Bush one, and a Conservative Republican Congress to get there. 

In our ever changing world of instant gratification, and fly by the seat of your pants mentality, we can not achieve the success of the latter part of the previous decade and the beginning of this one without joint sacrifice, and freedom. 

Obama wants us to believe the government can make the markets fair and balanced, make men equal, and make the sun rise and set on him.  The problem is every time this has been attempted it has failed.  New Deal. Failed. Great Society. Failed. Jimmy Carter. Need I say more?  It is on the backs of industry and entrepreneurship that this country has succeeded.  In fact, it was founded by entrepreneurs.  Men seeking to earn their fortunes not from an English entitlement system, but from the labor from their own hands and heads.  We decided that we would not be ruled by a dictator half a world away, and decided to pioneer the first true republic state.  We used the voice of the people to draw our power not divine right.  We said in one voice we will unite or we will fall. 

That is what makes this country the greatest in the world.  My grandfather was not  ashamed to call himself an American.  My father is not ashamed either.  Nor shall I be.  This is the beginning for a my generation to step up.  It is use my earlier phrase, “our day of days.”