I thought Obama was going to change the world's view of the US... but it looks like more of the same.

By now, we’ve all heard the propoganda.  He’s the world’s President.  He’s the most popular man in history.  He speaks so well that people become weak in the knees.  One would think that his exemplery oratory skills that got him elected should have sufficed to take on any challenge he would face.  After all, isn’t that what those people that voted for him did so for?  They had “hope” that his speeches and words would lead to action.  That the mere presence of the man as our leader would create a world of diplomacy, peace and cooperation accross the world.  On the other side, many of us warned that talk was cheap and action would be needed, Obama would be tested, and we knew he didn’t have the “stuff” to back up his pretty speeches. 

Fast forward to the G-20 and it appears we were right.  The world loves Obama.  We know that.  But just like any other pop culture icon, they love what he says, does, and how he makes a person feel.  That’s far short of being an effective leader and diplomat.  With all the popularity he has around the world right now, how can it be that the man is losing the G-20’s support?  I thought the world was waiting on the man to save us all. 

The answer is simple.  Even the socialist leaders of Europe and the Communist leader of China can see that the man has no plan but to spend money.  The scary thing is, Socialists and Communists think it’s too much!  By now, our beloved President must be worried.  When you are elected with speeches, telepromptors and without substance to back up your promises, you have to ask yourself if there will come a day when your ability to solve a problem with rhetoric will cease to exist and you’ll actually have to act. 

Obama’s biggest weakness that I can see thus far is that he wants to please everybody.  That’s why he goes up to the podeum, says pretty words, inspires people to hope for betrer days, and tells them that times are hard and require his form of radical change.  This sounds good, so people cheer, but don’t ask themselves if his plans are practical or realistic. 

The only problem now is that he’s not speaking to the masses of the US citizenry.  He’s speaking to leaders of the world who see right through the empty promises and dressed up speeches.  He’s about to give a speech to the G-20 as he is clearly losing that audience just months after his historic trip around Europe where he was treated with Beatles like fanfare.  I think someone needs to tell the guy that the worlds’ leaders don’t respond well to fancy speeches.  It’s time to stop playing the part of a hollywood icon and start playing the part you were cast for.  You’re the President sir.  Hip and edgy gifts to foreign leaders, speeches that bring out emotion and charming smiles are no substitute for true leadership and diplomacy.  I had hoped you wouldn’t have to learn on the job, but it’s clear that you will have to.  I just hope it happens before it’s too late.