Got any better ideas he asks... of course there are better ideas!

Obama reportedly commented regarding his proposed budget stating:

“If there are members of Congress who object to specific policies and proposals in this budget then I ask them to be ready and willing to propose constructive alternative solutions,” Obama said. “‘Just say no’ is the right advice to give your teenagers about drugs. It is not an acceptable response to whatever economic policies are proposed by the other party.”

Well ask and you shall receive Mr. President.  Before an alternative suggestion is made, it should be pointed out that the “just say no” approach you speak of is precisely the approach of your party for the last 8 years regarding a plethera of Bush policies, but we’ve heard that same song before and it does nothing but retract from the substance of the real conversation we should be having, so as good Americans, we won’t point out the hypocracy of your statement.

So other suggestions you ask Sir?  Well, rather than further burdening our tax payers with a down payment on Universal Healthcare and expensive and un-economical investments in alternative energy (which someday may be affordable enough to replace oil, but for now is bad investment) maybe you should look at ideas that actually help our economic system from the start. 

Here’s two bright ideas that seem too simple to actually work, but then again, if it’s simple, it’s not the Washington way.  Idea 1 we’ll call the Common Sense Investment in the Housing Industry Act.  Under this proposed plan, US tax payers who ACTUALLY PAY TAXES will be elidgable for up to a 20% downpayment tax credit on a purchasing a home that is deemed affordable by realistic standards (no more $40k a year households purchasing a $250k home).  Said tax payer would be required to provide proof of income and proper credit scores will apply.  What’s this?  What did you say Mr. President?  Not enough of the the people who voted for you would benefit from this program you say?  Well, maybe you should think about the positive effect this plan would have on the housing market and the freeing up of credit by banks.  If people have their down payment of 20%, the bank takes a much smaller risk on loaning them the money.  If people can suddenly get credit that their credit score says they deserve (the government’s tax credit just accelerates their ability to make the home purchase) we’d see homes start to move again, banks could free up bad and underwater homes and suddenly the housing industry is back in business.  Afterall, it’s not about rewarding those who voted for you Mr. President.  It’s about doing the right thing for the people you govern. 

Plan 2 would be exactly the same except dealing with the Auto Industry, the other badly damaged industry in this country.  Again, down payment assistance up to 20% on the purchase of a new vehicle (sorry, but we’d have to make this apply only to Ford, Chrystler and GM).  Proper proof of income and credit score requirements will apply for this program, but again, we’d have banks taking a smaller risk to loan the money, people would be stimulated into buying a new vehicle and amazingly, a government program would actually help the economy as intended. 

With both of these ideas Mr. President, I submit that not every American will benefit.  However, I would say to you that programs like this will reward those who are living responsibly (keeping a job and not burdening themselves with debt they can’t pay) while at the same time stimulating two of our worst struggling industries so they can again provide goods, services and jobs to the rest of the country.  I know your party can’t fathom an idea that doesn’t scream social welfare for the poor, but sometimes the poor are best helped by the spending habits of the not so poor, and these kinds of programs are just what the economy needs to get moving again.  Certaintly it needs these ideas more than it needs another fish hatchery!