Jindal will be fine...

Gov. Jindal’s address to the nation has been getting mixed reviews to say the least.  While the substance of his address far outweighed the substance of Obama’s speech, there has been much criticism of the overall delivery and packaging.  People are saying “he’s not ready” and looking to doom him to failure already and that has to stop. 

Let’s recall first that this is February of 2009 and any run Gov. Jindal makes for national office is 4 years away.  The guy has to take his lumps early and he has taken them for sure.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see him take a few more given the nature of the media climate in this country, but when the primaries start again in early 2012, are we really that worried that he’ll still be having problems delivering a national address?  I doubt it.  We need to stick by our own people and remember that the content of his address was the important thing here and sets the republicans apart as the party who wants to rely on America and not it’s government to fix this problem we’ve created.  His delivery will come with time and with 2.5-3 years to practice and prepare, this stumble will be a distant memory when it really counts. 

Let’s also consider others who could have delivered this address.  I believe this move by the Republicans to counter with a young and relatively unknown (to the average American) rising star in our party was wise.  First, it is a shift from the faces that are associated with Bush, Washington and this whole economic collapse.  He comes from a state where a great deal of focus has been due to corruption and disaster in recent years and he represents a reformist attitude and positive direction for the state that arguably was once the most corrupt in our nation.  Corruption is exactly what is wrong with Washington as we are seeing every day and major disasters, economic or natural, require swift but controlled action.  Gov. Jindal has won against both a disaster AND against corruption in his state and we need to start talking about what the guy has done insted of how he delivers a speech.  The Republican message coming from a man like this is a step in the right direction. 

So to review, it’s too early to doom the guy for 2012.  His speech delivery will improve.  He is going to take lumps regardless because he’s a republican in a liberal media.  He’s a break from the same old faces of the party and he has already shown success in a very hard to govern state.  Let’s talk about and focus on the important things and show that we’re the party of results, not substanceless speeches!