The Ongoing Nightmare

Will someone please wake me up?  I must be dreaming.  We still live in the U.S.A. don’t we?  Sometimes, I wonder.  We are facing an economic calamity of epic proportions, and our brilliant leaders respond be trying to force a larger takeover of the private sector while simultaneously doling out hundreds of billions of dollars to their favorite special interest under the guise of a “stimulus plan”.  This crisis was caused by bad debt, and the fact that our bloated federal government is already burdened with such debt ensures that the printing press at the U.S. mint will be working overtime.  Flooding a system that for years has operated on cheap money, with cash is asking for disaster.  We are set to witness hyper-inflation the likes of which we haven’t seen in America since Washington’s army was starving at Valley Forge.  As the private sector dominos begin to fall in the wake of a “stimulus plan” that more resembles a take over of the economy that we haven’t seen since chairman Mao chased Chiang Kai-shek to Taiwan, the elites in power have now decided how much money is too much for us lowly commoners to make.  I guess I shouldn’t have aspirations of living like the Kennedys, Clintons, or Kerrys.  If the President is so bothered by how private companies spend their money, then why doesn’t he let them fail?

The hits just keep on coming!  The smartest man ever to assume the office of President, last week went on Arab TV to assure the Islamic world that we were not their enemies.  His assurances, I’m sure were welcomed in Tehran and Damascus the same way Neville Chamberlain’s were in Berlin and Rome.  Since the anti-Semitic rhetoric coming from these places also resembles the rhetoric coming from Berlin and Rome in the 1930s.  I guess we can confidently proclaim that we will have “Peace in our Time”.  On top of this calamity, Mr. Obama has decided to drop the charges against the mastermind of the U.S.S. Cole bombing.  This will be just one more terrorist our brave heroes in uniform will have to face when we have an adult for President that has to clean up this mess.

The great liberal left isn’t done yet!  Leftist leaders in Congress are moving ahead with the fairness doctrine, which is tantamount to a vicious assault on the first amendment.  That is okay, Constitutional Rights should only be afforded to foreign, enemy combatants caught on the field of battle in civilian clothing, an act that in all previous periods of history was punishable by immediate execution as a way to protect civilians.

The final shot across the bow of freedom comes in the form of insane rhetoric spewed by the hypocrite Robert Kennedy Jr.  Mr. Kennedy proclaimed that hog farmers are more dangerous than terrorists and that pork production should be outlawed in America.  This confirms my fear that the environmental extremist and radical animal lovers will not stop until they have effectively rendered livestock production unprofitable and destroyed our safe, cheap food supply.  Considering we may be headed into a hyper-inflationary depression, I find their timing impeccable. 

Why has this once proud citizenry decided to so willfully cede its precious rights for some meager sense of security in the form of government entitlements?  Don’t school children still learn about Samuel Adams and the Boston Tea Party?  Don’t we still teach the genius of Madison and the failure of Marx?  We are headed down a road in this country in which I personally have no interest in going down.  We need a reality check.  We need to wake up from this nightmare.