More Scandalous Details Emerge in Eddie Bernice Johnson's Scholarship-gate

Exhibiting a level of hubris only a 9-term corrupt politician could have, Eddie Bernice Johnson apparently directed the Congressional Black Caucus to make scholarship checks payable directly to her family, rather than to a university. Her opponent, Stephan Broden, released copies of the letters. Non-family scholarship recipients get the award made out to a university, so the student must actually enroll in classes in order to benefit from the funds. Not so her family. With $1,000 checks in their pockets, there is no accountability of how they actually spent the money, or whether they even enrolled in classes that semester. For all we know, they could have all had a really nice weekend in Vegas.

Take a moment and send a couple bucks to her opponent Broden this election, and let’s retire Eddie Bernice.  You can also help Broden win a fundraising contest simply by clicking his name at the 10 Buck Friday’s online poll.

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