Help Broden for Congress raise money in just 5 seconds

A coalition of over 60 conservative bloggers has been holding ā€œ10 buck Fridays,ā€ where the candidate winning the most votes the week before will get about $10,000 in campaign contributions and will be blogged about by all 60 bloggers. Stephen Broden is on the list of people you can vote for. Stephen Broden needs your vote. Stephen Broden needs the votes of all of your friends too. Please go to http://www.rightklik.net/ and vote for Broden. 5 secs is literally all it takes. Learn more about him at Stephen Broden’s website or Facebook page.

Stephen Broden is a strong believer in our Constitutional principles. He understands where Obama and the radical liberals in Congress would like to take the country. He’s been on Glenn Beck and Hannity numerous times, and is a Teaparty favorite in the Dallas area. His opponent is Eddie Bernice “Scholarship” Johnson.

To get a flavor of this man, here is part of a campaign speech from Stephen Broden on our duty to the Republic as citizens.

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