Georgia 2012 Redistricting--11R, 3D


District 1: Jack Kingston (R)
This district goes from R+16 to R+10. I get rid of some of the rural counties and give Kingston all of Savannah and its suburbs. Mostly I’m trying to take out John Barrow, which I manage to do quite nicely. McCain still won this district with 56% of the vote, so I’m not too worried for Kingston.
District 2: Sanford Bishop (D) and David Scott (D)
I combined the 2nd and 13th districts. The 2nd is currently white majority but barely, and the 13th is black plurality. The new second is black majority. Half the population is in Metro Atlanta (mostly Clayton county). The other Half is split between African-American parts of Macon, Columbus and Albany. Bishop’s District is currently D+1. The new district is D+25.

District 3: Lynn Westmorland (R)

Cosmetic changes only. Goes from R+19 to R+20. Becomes slightly more rural. Loses Henry County.

District 4: Hank Johnson (D)
Goes from D+24 to D+34. Incorporates Latinos in Dekalb and Gwinnet Counties. Still majority Black.

District 5: John Lewis (D)
D+26 to D+34

District 6:Tom Price (R)
Moves farther north (starting at Alpharetta, including Cherokee, Forsyth and some northern counties). Becomes much more Republican in the process. R+19 to R+27, making it one of the most Republican districts in the country.

District 7:Rob Woodall (R)
Keeps the non Democratic portions of Gwinnet, adds part of Dekalb, loses the outer counties. Goes from R+16 to R+13. Still a safe R seat.

District 8:Austin Scott (R)
Drastically changed to make it more Republican. Scott’s district moves south and west. Goes from R+10 to R+12.

District 9: Tom Graves (R)
New district extends all across northern Georgia. Goes from R+28 to R+26

District 10: Paul Broun (R)
Pretty drastically altered district that still keeps half of Augusta, Broun’s hometown. Rather than extending north, it gains portions of rural central Georgia.

District 11: Paul Gingrey (R)
District moves somewhat more South and somewhat more into metro Atlanta, but only marginally so. R+20 becomes R+19.

District 12: John Barrow (D)
By getting rid of Savannah and keeping Augusta split, I’m able to give Barrow large portions of rural Georgia, turning a D+1 district into an R+12 district.

District 13: Open
The genius of my creation. I’m proud to say that, with just one gerrymandered district (the second, which is necessary for VRA), I manage to turn Georgia from 8-5 to 11-3. This new district takes portions from the 3rd, 6th, 7th and 8th districts. I guess technically the 13th used to be a black plurality district (traded for a majority black 2nd district). It was D+15. Now it is R+13. Can you say WIN?

District 14:
New district entirely in North Fulton and DeKalb counties. R+12

In other words, I’ve created a fully legal, 11-3 Republican map with every Republican district holding at least a 10 point advantage over the national average. I’m pretty darn pleased with myself. 🙂