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* “Entitlements vs. Exceptionalism”*

The United States of America is the greatest nation in the history of the world and that is simply a matter of “Historical Fact”.

This Country declared and then fought for it’s independence from the “English Crown” basically to escape high taxation and too much government.

Both the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution essentially were written by a core group of men we now refer to as the Framers or the Founders.

The Founders envisioned several basic principles:

Small Federal Government with basic duties and responsibilities.Low Taxation.Basic rights granted by God that included; Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.The Founders also believed that in God’s eyes all men were created equal and we fought a bloody Civil War to ensure we embraced God’s will.Other “Basic Freedoms” were added.

The Founders formed a Democratic Republic.The foundation of the economic system was Capitalism.

“We The People” took it from there.

Over the course of the past 232 years many different types of governments with various leaders, tyrants and dictators have come and gone around the globe.

Unfortunately we have even had to intercede at times to fight for and preserve freedom.

In the mean time the United States as a sovereign nation along with the concept of “American Exceptionalism” has for the most part flourished. The concept of Democracy and Capitalism along with adherence to our Constitution, while far from perfect, has worked better than any alternatives that have been tried.

Socialism, Communism, Marxism have not worked, not once, not ever.

There has yet to be an earthly utopia created.

Entitlements have not worked.Welfare has not worked.

Government provided Health Care is not written into nor is it a U.S. Constitutional right.

Home ownership is not an entitlement nor is it a U.S. Constitutional right.

Adherence to Capitalism along with free trade and a free market has worked well.Socialism, Communities, Marxism has not.

American Exceptionalism works.Entitlements do not.Don’t punish hardwork, achievement and merit … reward it.

So what exactly are we as a Nation presently contemplating?Socialism and Entitlements?Go figure.

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