We're Angry

I sense people in this country are beyond tired of this election and are beyond tired of the fear they feel from being told repeatedly that this election of Barak Hussein Obama through sheer lies and propaganda is inevitable.

This election is not over.This election is not inevitable.You are not a Racist if you don’t vote for Obama.

*Our Media over reports, distorts, under reports, misreports and simply does not report the news thus keeping Americans uninformed, threatened and intimidated. *

This election should not even be close.The Democrats nominated a “Radical Marxist” and we are not a Marxist Country.This guy is not some limp wristed Massachusetts Liberal (Do Gooder)This guy a very dangerous man and he needs to be sent a very clear message and that message is:

We are tired of this election.We are tired of the lies and manipulation.We love our Country.God Bless America … Not God Dam America.We believe in the Constitution.

We believe the President should “Preserve, Protect and Defend” the Constitution and not destroy it.

We believe in small GovernmentWe do not believe in a Big, Central all Controlling Government.We believe in low taxes (Real Low) … Not suffocating taxes to feed the beast called Government.We believe in Low Capital Gains Taxes.We believe in Low Corporate TaxesWe believe in Low Payroll TaxesWe believe in Low Income TaxesWe believe there should be No Death Tax.We believe there should be No Windfall Profit Tax.We believe there should be No Global Poverty Tax.

*We believe there should be no forced “Unionization of America”. *

We believe in Charity and we believe that Charity begins at home.We do not believe the Government was intended to redistribute income or wealth.We believe in a strong Military.We believe in a secure border.We don’t believe in the “Freedom of Choice Act”.

Go Away and Bring Your Propaganda Machine With You and Stop Calling Us All Racists.

We do not want Socialism.We do not want Marxism.We think your colleague Bill Ayers should be serving a life sentence in Prison.We think your Reverend Wright is a loud mouth, hate filled jerk … a clown.We think Tony Rezko is a Thug, Felon Mobster.We think you surround yourself with scum.

We’re Angry.We’re Pissed off.We’re all going to Vote.

We The People … Not you the Marx Brother.

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