"McCain Announces Candidacy in McVeigh's Living Room".

Senator John McCain announced his candidacy for the Presidency today in his neighbor Timothy McVeigh’s living room.

You remember Timothy McVeigh, the unrepentant Oklahoma City Bomber who was acquitted of all charges via a loophole in the law. McVeigh was quoted after his acquittal as saying ” free as a bird … guilty as hell … America what a country”.

Since his bombing days McVeigh has become involved in Education Reform and is a Professor at the University of Oklahoma. Tom Brokaw just this past Sunday referred to him simply as a “school reformer”.

McCain and McVeigh have served on several “Boards” together and McVeigh has funneled over $150 Million committed by the Annenberg Challenge to McCain who as a community organizer has used it as seed money for ACORN to assist local members to acquire sub prime mortgages … no school reform as far as we can tell.

The Obama camp has raised this past relationship as a campaign issue but the MSM has instructed Obama to take the issue off the table as it is a “non starter” and we all should be focusing all our efforts on the economy as main street is suffering and it’s all the Democrats fault.

To McCain’s credit he has stated he had no idea McVeigh was a terrorist and he was just some guy in the neighborhood with a big living room … Oklahoma City Bomber … who knew?