"This is all a Result of the Failed Bush Financial Policies"

Our banking and credit/lending institutions are on the brink of collaspe = The Failed Bush Financial Policies?

Financial Markets are crashing around the World = The Failed Bush Financial Policies?

The Federal Government is “Broke” = The Failed Bush Financial Policies?

California is “Broke” = Bush?

Michigan “Broke” = Bush?

New York State = ?

It appears we are in a real crisis, not a fabricated “Global Warming” type hoax where every single weather related event is attributed to the evil man-made climate change.

What caused this crisis?

If John McCain will not attack the topic with the passion (anger) and the concern most Americans presently feel then at least (For the Love of God) or (For the Love of Country) during the next debate when Obama says the words “And this is all the result of the failed Bush Financial Policies” can McCain at least ask Obama to name one?

Name one “Failed Bush Financial Policy” that caused this crisis … ONE!

This crisis is the result of the Government … But not the conservative side of Government.

  • This crisis is the result of Government created policy such as the “Community Reinvestment Act”.
  • This crisis is the result of “GSE’s”.
  • This crisis is the result of Government “Social Engineering”.
  • This cirsis is the result of Socialists insisting EVERYONE is “entitled” to own a home.

Next the Government will be running Health Care and how and why and with what money … who knows becasue the Government is Broke.

Please don’t let those who caused this crisis get away with blaming Bush, or Cheney or Haliburton or the vast right-wing conspiracy … because if you do there is much more to come and the ultimate ending = Humpty Dumpty.

All the Dictator’s horses and all the Dictator’s men … couldn’t put the U.S. back together again.