Government Oversight ... err Outta-Site

1) The U.S. Government is Financially “Broke” and obviously is incapable of money management or fiscal conservatism … so why are we calling for more “Government Oversight” … We need Oversight on the Government.

We need to identify exactly who was responsible for this current mess with all the zeal we went after Enron.

Government created this problem so now Government fixes the problem they created?

Barney Frank, Chris Dodd and Chuch Schumer?

2) Repeal the Capital Gains Tax indefinitely … 2 year minimum.

There is an estimated $1 Trillion of investment capital sitting on the side-lines.

3) Significantly and indefinitely reduce/lower Corporate Taxes … 2 year minimum.

The United States Corporate Tax is 35% = Second highest Corporate Tax Rate in the entire industrialized world … second only to Japan at 40% … this would stimulate investment in business and increase Corporate output.

4) Privatize (not socialize) Freddie and Fannie and run them like any other private business with standard deviation.

You can then begin “investing” in private companies and not be “spending” on Government or National Companies.

5) Get rid of Sarbane Oxley immediately.

6) Privatize all current Entitlement Programs as their financial risk dwarf this current credit crisis.

7) No future Socialism including no Universal Heath Care

Remember Government is broke".

8) Begin domestic exploration and drilling for oil today with no further Government interference.

There is no such thing as Global Warming and if we experience a disruption in oil imports and have no way to produce our own … you will see a “Mad Max” situation.

We need significant private sector and private business growth and growth requires energy.

Tax cuts for 95% of all wage earners is impossible so please demand the truth from politicians.

Currently the top:

1% of wage earners pay 40% of all taxes.

5% of wage earners pay 80% of all taxes.

50% of wage earners pay 97.5% of all taxes.

The bottom 50% of wage earners essentially do not pay taxes … they receive checks!

So obviously Barry can not provide tax cuts to 95% of all wage earners … it’s impossible … it’s a lie.

He could provide a tax cut to 45% of current wage earners by forcing the top 5% pay 100% (not the current 80%) of all income tax.

No tax stimulus.

How does a tax stimulus “create” jobs or provide energy independence?

It’s a waste of money … money the Government does not have.

Government is broke (Remember)?

The Bottom-Line = The Government is Broke.

Stop punishing risk.

Stop punishing success.

Reward Small Business

Free Market economies work … Socialism does not!

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