Cry Me a Crisis

Liberal Democrats (Socialists) used to wage war on your behalf:

Remember “The Great Society”War on Poverty = Who won?War on Drugs = Who won?War on Segregation = Busing … Who won?

Who knew … Who knows?

Recently however after their significant investment in defeat in the War in Iraq Liberal Democrats (Socialists) have shifted from War-to-Crisis.

We now have many dangerous life threatening crisis that will require all our money to overcome.

We have in no particular sequence:

The “Bush Administration-Made” Banking Crisis = Free Homes for Everyone. (Socialize)The “Bush Administration-Made” Health Care Crisis = Free Health Insurance for Everyone. (Socialize)The “Bush Administration-Made” Energy Crisis = Free Wind & Solar for Everyone. (Solarize) The “Bush Administration/Man-Made” Global Climate Crisis = Free Beach Front Properties in Nevada (Polarize)The “Bush Administration-Made” Immigration Crisis = Free Cheap Labor (Nationalize)

Not named yet but coming soon to a Theater near you:

The “Bush Administration-Made” Social Security Crisis.The “Bush Administration-Made “Medicare/Medicaid Crisis.

Geez … this is going to require every dime the top 5% of all wage earners make!

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