Privatize Congress

As we speak Congress is “scrambling” to pass a Pentagon Budget while “pondering” what other items should “ride” on this must-do legislation. If they don’t get this done they can’t keep the Government running … which might be a really good thing for our country.

Included in this spending bill:

  • $7 Billion subsidy for the already $25 Billion Detroit Automaker Loans?

Riddle me this.Labor Unions run the Big Three Automakers.These Union Employees are paid rates that are not competitive with other Global Automakers.These Union Employees enjoy legacy benefits that are not competitive with other Global Automakers.These U.S. Automakers are hamstrung with Congressional and EPA regulations that force them to contend with different and separate state emission standards.

Then they “LEND” them $25 Billion to help off-set the problems they themselves created?

The U.S. Government is “BROKE” so how do they think they can “LEND” money to anyone?The U.S. Government is “BROKE” so how do they think they can bail-out anyone?

They created the obstacles that contribute to the Big Three Automakers inability to compete and then lend them Billions they don’t have to allow these businesses they helped destroy to now stay open.

  • $5.1 Billion heating subsidies for the poor.

So while Congress will not lift the current bans on off-shore drilling that most voters support lifting they want to offer subsidies to the poor due to the high price of heating oil.

Are these subsidies to help the poor heat their homes that they purchased with sub-prime no money down loans and can now no longer afford?

Details of this last minute “Congressional Scramble” remain secret and are presently in the hands of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.

Government continues to grow exponentially.Congress continues to create insane problems that the public is unaware of until too late.

U.S. Post Office is broke.U.S. Board of Education is broke.U.S. Energy Policy is broke.U.S. Mortgage Industry is broke.Wall Street is broke.The Government is broke.


Democratic Presidential Candidate Obama wants to increase taxes on virtually everything including Capital Gains, Corporate Taxes, Social Security, Small Businesses making over $250,000 per year, Death Tax, Corporate Windfall tax all while increasing Federal Spending by $1.5 Trillion for things such as a Global Poverty Tax.


Drastically reduce the size of Government.Drastically reduce Government spending.Privatize virtually every aspect of Government including all entitlements.

Or not … see you in the soup-line!