"Gov is Not the Solution ... Gov is the Problem"

Joe Biden just shared with us on GMA that paying higher taxes is a patriotic act for wealthier Americans.

The top 1% currently pay 40% of taxes and the top 5% pay close to 70% so how much does Joe want the wealthier to pay and more importantly why does he feel the need to take more of our money?

He wants to Raise Corporate taxes, Capital Gains taxes, Payroll Taxes etc. etc.

The American Work Force is already the hardest and most productive Work Force in the world.

Our Framers envisioned a “Small” Government.

It’s time “we the people” review a definition of the role of The Federal Government.

Then lets list all the Federal Agencies that are a failure and should be eliminated.

Lets list all the Federal Agencies that are an objective failure like the Department of Education, U.S. Postal Service, Medicare, Medicade, Social Security, FEMA, etc.

How about the EPA?Memo to EPA … “There is still Arctic Sea Ice at the North Pole”?

They rail on about Big Oil, Big Retail, Big Pharmaceutical but never Big Government!

Big Government is broke and Big Government is a failure and no one can honestly disagree … not honestly.

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