"Russian Threatens to Seize Swath of the Arctic"

While presently the so-called “Gang of 20” in the U.S. Senate aggressively push their disastrous bi-partisan energy package that will virtually band all off-shore drilling in the United States … This Headline appears on Drudge:

                                       " Russia Threatens to Seize Swath of the Arctic"

While Harry Reid is quoted on the floor of the U.S. Senate stating that coal makes you sick, oil makes you sick and causes Global warming … Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin states:

    "Global warming is good for Russia melting it's vast icy territories to reveal previously inaccessible oil and gas reserves".

While House Speaker Pelosi states to those who are pro-drilling that she would like to drill their brains … Russian President Medvedev states”

        "We must finalize and adopt a federal law on the southern border of Russia's Arctic Zone".

Do you think Russia would drill for oil in ANWAR (Arctic National Wildlife Refuge) if they could?Do you ever consider that the way events presently are trending that perhaps someday they will?

Please note that as the world turns we will see both Russia and China drilling anywhere in the world where there are oil or gas reserves and our country apparently will not even tap into our own domestic reserves.

No energy = short and painful life-spans.That’s a fact!

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