"Radio Free Europe"

During the coldest days of the “Cold War” the oppressed people of Eastern Europe were starving to hear the truth regarding what was going on in the World … The News.

Those who were seeking the Truth found it via “Radio Free Europe” and it informed and sustained millions of people who heard nothing but propaganda 24 x 7.

Allow me to list some of the “Headlines” listed just today on News busters:

  • WaPo Tries to Explain Not Putting Huge VA. McCain Rally on Page One.
  • 60% of Washington Post Biden Tax Story Devoted to Palin.
  • Randi Rhodes on Palin : She’s Friends with Teenage Boy’s.
  • Media Double Standard on Foreign Travel Experience.
  • NYT Palin Panic: Four Hit Pieces on Alaska Gov in One Day.
  • NYT Publishes 3,000 Word Palin Hit Piece on Sundays Front Page.
  • Did ABC News & Gibson Use Camera Trickery to Belittle Gov. Palin.
  • CNN Conjures up Palin Travel “Scandal” That Never Was.
  • ABC News Edited Out Key Parts of Sarah Palin Interview.

The Dan Rather “Bush National Guard” Story has become the norm.

Our media, like our schools misreport, under/over report or simply don’t report.We now hear reports that begin with “Based on a rumor”.We now hear reports that begin with “Based on a blogger”.

Echo Chambers and Panel Discussions rule the Sunday Talk Shows.News Anchors no longer report and “read” the news they influence with their opinions.

Our economy has yet to experience one quarter of negative growth, let alone two (a recession), yet many believe due to propaganda reporting that we are in a economic depression.

The U.S. forces in Iraq turned Anbar over to the Iraqis yet few have heard.

Human Beings intrinsically seek out the truth and despise propaganda = “Radio Free Europe”.