" A Socialist By Any Other Name is Still a Socialist"

          "A Socialist By Any Other Name is Still a Socialist".

*Definition of Socialism:

“A political and economic theory or system in which the means of production, distribution and exchange are owned by the community collectively, usually through the state”.

Of all the things Barack Obama is or is not or stands for or against as a Presidential Candidate … he is a “Socialist”.

He has stated that a plan to privatize “Social” Security would be a gamble on your retirement.

How is such a concept even perpetuated?

He has stated “off mike” that everyone watching the Olympics in Beijing should think about the amount of money spent on infra-structure including ports, railroads and airports that are vastly superior to ours, and that Corporations deciding where to do business will be attracted to, and choose Beijing.

How is such a comment ignored?

When asked about how he felt about a $4.00 per gallon of gasoline he stated that while he didn’t necessarily take issue with the cost he had wished it hadn’t risen quite so fast.

How can such a comment not be challenged?

When asked why he intends to raise capital gains taxes when history shows lowering capital gains taxes increases tax revenues … he stated he was looking for “fairness”.

How can such a comment not be a disqualification?

Finally and most importantly look at the candidates opposing tax plans you will clearly and objectively see and conclude that Barack Obama’s tax plan is “Socialistic”.

This Presidential election is between a candidate that is a “Socialist” and a party that supports “Socialism”vs.A candidate that is a “Capitalist” and a party that supports Capitalism”.

“We the people” are a Capitalistic Country, a Capitalistic Society, and we are a Capitalistic Culture.

The United States of America is the single greatest and most powerful positive contributor to easing human suffering in the entire history of humanity.

Our country was founded, framed and based on “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness/Virtues”.

Individual Liberty … Freedom.

Capitalism has eased or eliminated more human pain and suffering than any other single invention, initiative or discovery in the history of humanity.

Presently more human beings on a global basis are emerging out from underneath poverty and all the pain and associated suffering poverty creates than at any other time in human history … all on the back of capitalism.

The United States of America had liberated more human beings out of the murderous bondage of Socialist, Communist, Fascist Dictatorships than any other country in human history.

During the course of the 20th Century, Worldwide, Socialist/Communist/Fascist Dictators murdered over 120 Million people.

Socialism has never worked in all of human history … Not once.

Candidate Obama:

*Will increase Capital Gains Tax up to 33% including 28% on profit from ALL home sales.*Will increase Dividend Tax from 15% -to- 39.6%.*Income Tax up to 40%*Payroll Tax for individuals or small business earning over $250K from 16%-to-32%.*Reinstitute the “Death Tax” up to 45%.*Reinstitute the “Windfall Profit Tax”.

What does he intend to do with all this money he intends to “Take” from U.S. Citizens which = over $1.5 Trillion over 4 years?

*$65 Billion Global Poverty Tax*$150 Billion for development of “Green Technology”.*72 Billion increased Education.*$60 Billion Energy Plan.*60 Billion Reinvestment Bank.*$14 Billion National Service.

Now while I am not even remotely implying that Candidate Obama is a Communist, a Dictator, or a Fascist,

I am emphatically stating:

Barack Obama is a Socialist.

Do we want a Socialist President?

Do we want to be a Socialist Country with a Socialist Government?

Do we?