Turns out maybe "guns" weren't the problem in Colorado.

Interesting story that won’t be reported in the media-that-used-to-be-important.

Just a tad of background.  The Colorado shooter was a graduate student at the University of Colorado.  He dropped out of school, acquired some guns and explosives and booby trapped his apartment and shot up the theater, killing and wounding a bunch of folks.  The immediate reaction from the left was there are too many guns available, they’re too easy to get and we need to ban “assault weapons” and tax ammunition and all sorts of stuff.  For the children.

Nobody bothers to note that the cities with highest murder rates happen to have the most restrictive gun laws.  See Detroit.  See Chicago.  Oh well.

As it turns out, maybe the real problem WASN’T the evil gun.  Maybe it was incompetency run rampant at the University of Colorado.  This, from the BBC because you won’t read it in any paper in the U.S.:

The psychiatrist who treated the Colorado shootings suspect notified his university’s threat-assessment team about him, US media reports.

Dr Lynne Fenton identified James Holmes, 24, to the group in June, more than a month before the shooting, Denver broadcaster KMGH reported.

But no further action was taken as the accused, a neuroscience doctorate, dropped out on 10 June. […]

The school’s website says the group, known as the Behavioral Evaluation and Threat Assessment team, is made up of high-ranking staff members from various departments who assess potential threats on campus.

The Denver Post also reported that Dr Fenton took her concerns about Mr Holmes to members of the threat-assessment team.

So the perp’s shrink thinks he’s a dangerous nutcase, notifies the university’s established “threat-assessment team”, he quits school and they don’t bother to tell anybody.  Hell of job by the university gnomes.

It’s my fondest hope that the families of the victims sue the University of Colorado and everybody involved in either forgetting to tell anybody or suppressing the information personally.

We don’t need gun control.  We need administrative gnome control.