Walker wins with Koch money!!

Open letter to The Left and their Union Thugs…

The “money” meme in this particular race is stupid to the point of insanity.  The Democrats and unions and the muddled media have been pounding this single issue for well over a year.

Cowardly elected Democrats ran across state lines to block the vote on Walker’s reforms.  It was front page headlines all over the state and the top story on every nightly news cast for months.  Then there was the “occupation” of the state capitol by union goons that captured not only local news but the national news as well.  Followed by the unions and Democrats losing a protracted election battle over a state Supreme Court Justice.  Followed immediately by the very high profile recall elections of several Republican state senators.  And then there was the several months long very highly publicized campaign to gather signatures for the recall election.

Bottom line, this subject has been front and center in Wisconsin – and the nation – for well over a year.  A Wisconsin resident – heck, an Arizona resident – would have to have been in suspended animation for a couple of years not to be fully informed about Walker and the issues in this recall.

Bottom line for unions and Democrats, they lost the “run-and-hide” trick.  The “occupation” was a total failure.  The Supreme Court election?  An overwhelming loss at the polls.  The senators?  Overwhelming loss at the polls.  The signature gathering?  Everybody in the U.S. knows that process was a total farce.  Signatures on multiple petitions, obviously faked signatures, signatures of judges.  Democrats and unions came away looking exactly like the two-bit thugs they are.

Then there was the injunction against the voter ID act.  More proof to anybody with at least a double digit IQ that Democrats and unions are purveyors of voter fraud.

Oh, and the Democratic primary.  Nothing like some blue-on-blue fun.  The union supported candidate, a woman with a long history of losing elections in Wisconsin, gets clobbered by the Mayor of Milwaukee who supported many of Walker’s reforms two years ago and who benefited from them in his city’s budget process.

So, after almost two years of very publicly making war on the Governor you have the insipid audacity to whine about “Koch money”.  Heh.  Truly pathetic.