Good for Sarah Palin! *** UPDATE: Comments from McCain! ***

THIS has the potential for absolute greatness.

Remember Katie Couric? Yeah, the one who got fired because she couldn’t turn around CBS News. You’ll remember that she was the “star” of the “Today” show, well, according to the Washington Post..

Katie Couric, the former sweetheart of NBC News’s “Today” show, is going to co-anchor ABC News’s “Good Morning America” next week, which will most likely nuke “Today’s” more than 16-year run as the most-watched morning infotainment-show.

Well, obviously the folks at GMA aren’t taking this one lying down. In comes Sarah. Could this be a death match? Personally, I hope so, because I’d love to feast on the footage of The Twit, Ms. Couric, being carried out in a metaphorical body bag because I think Sarah may very well stomp Twitsie’s hoped for ratings into the ground. I hope.

It’s no secret I’m not on Sarah Palin’s political bandwagon, but I’ve long maintained she’s one heck of an entertainer and a good draw. I really hope she makes this a full time gig and does so well that people forget who Katie is. Or was. Or whatever. Go Sarah! Turn Katie in just another also-ran.


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