Hmmm. Interesting results over there...

At HotAir

A little background first. I think it’s common knowledge that I don’t like “candidate specific” polling this far out and I absolutely hate internet polls. So, I will be making no claims about the efficacy of this one. But it’s interesting nonetheless.

HotAir tends to be home for lots of fans of Sarah Palin. I’m not accusing HotAir of being biased or being in the Palin Camp, only that lots of her fans (not necessarily Shriners, just fans) seem to hang out there. And it’s reflected in their monthly GOP Presidential polling results. Palin has come in first in their poll every month for a very long time, I think it’s safe to say every poll, but I’m not sure about that. I am sure that she’s been way ahead of the crowd in every poll I’ve seen at HotAir. Until today.

Palin’s numbers dropped for the second consecutive month, but the news is that Perry’s numbers have not only overtaken Palin but are higher than she’s ever been at 48% of respondents favoring the three term Governor from Texas. Palin is still holding onto second place in the HotAir poll by a wide margin at 32%.

Equally interesting is the second round where the pollsters ask for your choice if your first choice isn’t running. Perry comes in first there too and Palin drops to number four.

I’ll be interested to see the commentary after the next couple of debates, we’ll likely find out if Perry is a flash in the pan or if he really has “the mo”.