Great News for Texas. Ron Paul Edition...

The jackass is done with politics next year.

AUSTIN, Texas — U.S. Rep. Ron Paul said Tuesday he will concentrate on running for president and will not seek re-election to Congress, ending a 24-year career as one of the more colorful members of the House of Representatives.

The 75-year-old Republican said he will serve out his term through December 2012, whether his presidential campaign is successful or not. He told The Associated Press he has been criticized for running for Congress while seeking the presidency in the past.

He won’t be the Republican nominee. He won’t be running a third party campaign, at least one that matters. He’ll be gone from the Republican Caucus in the House, finally – and they should have tossed his worthless butt out of the Caucus long ago because he’s not a Republican.

The best part? Texans will get the opportunity to actually elect a congressman who might actually be an effective member of Congress and represent the interests of the district with something other than earmarks.

Farewell sir. It’s well past time for you to go. Like 22 years past time. You won’t be missed.

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